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Ashley Fowler

I would like to make reservations to Paula's restaurant or class for me and my 86 yr. grandmother.
She loves her show and reads her magazine for advice. I know she would love to be see her and her lovely establishment. Thank you for your time.

Kathy Critcheloe

My son and mother are big fans of Paula(like most people). How can I get them tickets to the cooking show for next summer.PLEASE!He will be a senior in high school and grandma is 65. Thanks for your time and consideration.

karin  schoenherr

I would appreciate information on the cooking school and the length and cost of it, thank you, Karin Schoenherr

Tamara Boyd

I would like to make reservations to one of paul deen's cooking classes for my mother and grandmother for a christmas gift! how can i go about doing that? Thank you so much!
-tamara boyd


is it possible to get tickets etc to actually see Paula in person? would make a great gift for two Texas Paula fans?

Phyllis Town

I would like to make reservations for your cooking school. My sister and our husbands would love it. Please send me a schedule.
Thank you.

Brenda Heil

My husband and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary on Jan 2, 2007. We are planning a trip to Savannah Feb 19-21 2007 to celebrate. Is it possible to get tickets to Paula Deen's Cooking school. We both love watching Paula and Son's on the Food Network, It would be a wonderful surprise for him if we could attend. Please let me know if it's possible at this late date and how much the cost would be.
Thank you so much
Brenda Heil

Brenda Carlsen

Dear Ms. Deen,
We live in a small town called Forks in the Pacific N.W., the most western situated city of the continental U.S. Last year when my daughter was a senior in high school she would drive home each lunch hour and we would watch your show together from 1pm to 1:30pm with our pencils in hand writing down recipes,and then she would return to school. One of her most treasured graduation gifts she received was a small Paula Deen cookbook from a friend's mother who just happened to visit Georgia a few weeks earlier, and she knew of my daughter's intense interest of cooking and watching you.
Now that she is in college, we have to watch the show separately, but we make dishes and talk all the time about your recipes. Thank you.
Brenda Carlsen

Paula Kovar

My sister and I will be wintering in GA in March and April. I would like information about the cost and dates of your cooking classes. Thanking you in advance. Paula Kovar

Tamara Johnston

My daughter as asked to attend Paula Deen's Cooking school for her 21st birthday (March 10). Is there a cooking school scheduled anytime soon. Thanks, Tamara Johnston


I would LOVE to come to a Paula class in March, is there a class opening during the week March 5-9, 2007?

Ellen Goldman

I have been diagnosed with a chronic blood disorder and have blood infusions every three weeks. My one wish is to go to Paula's class. My girlfriend is taking me for my birthday, and we will be in Savannah on March 10 thru 13th, and would give anything to see a show of hers. Never mind the thrill of possibly meeting her.
Thank you,
Ellen Goldman

Jeri Breniser

We will be vacationing in Savannah March 24 to March 31, 2007. My daughter and I would love to come to a cooking class. Will there be any that week?
Thank You
Jeri Breniser

Carol Murski

I am a huge fan of Paula's! My son and I would love to attend her cooking class in July (2007). Please send me information to obtain tickets. She reminds me of my dear Aunt Liz, and I feel comforted every week when I watch her! She is wonderful!

Nadine Ruess

I watch religiously and have every book! I'll be in Savanna 2/26 and 27th. I would love to attend your cooking school. How can I find out if there is a class on either of those days? I LOVE YOU Paula!!!
Hopeing to see you. Nadine Ruess.

teresa rampola

we love you and both of your shows. I do special meals for our church and cook for the priests of the parish. I would love to come in the fall of 2007 with my sisters and my aunt. How can we find out if a class will be held then?

teresa rampola

we love you and both of your shows. I do special meals for our church and cook for the priests of the parish. I would love to come in the fall of 2007 with my sisters and my aunt. How can we find out if a class will be held then?

Debra Mills

I'm planning a "Girlfriends Getaway" to Savannah, GA. We are anticipating attending a day with Paula Deen at her cooking school amongest other site seeings and tastings.
Could you please let me know what dates will be available so that we can do our planning?
Thank you! ;-)

Sherri Kerr

Dear Paula, I am bringing 15 Girl Scouts and 7 other leaders to Savannah July 28 - Aug 4. The girls wanted to experience cooking and eating some southern authentic Savannah GA food. Could you email us details on seeing your cooking show. Thank you, Sherri PS I love your show!

sandy zehner

please tell me how you obtain tickets to paula deens cooking show?

thank you.

Cheryl Jarvis

Our friends and we are great fans of Paula Deen and would love to get tickets to her cooking show. Please let us know how to obtain the tickets.
Bob & Cheryl in Augusta, GA


I am also interested in tickets to Paula's Show, and was wondering how far in advance you can reserve tickets, if possible. What are the prices of the tickets?


Dear Paula,

My parents really enjoy watching your show and they would love to come to eat at your restaurant. My dad retires at the end of this month and I would really like to do something special for them. If you could please let me know how much it is to get into your restaurant, and what I need to do in order to reserve a spot for them. Thanks,

Connie Hugon

My husband and I would love to have tickets to your cooking school. We watch you all the time and just love your southern charm. How do I get tickets to come. I live in Texas and would need to make plans.

Karen Bryant

My friends and I are celebrating our 50th birthdays and would love to attend Paula's cooking class - 4/25/2008 to 4/27/2008. Please let me know if any availability.

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