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Freeport Marina hosts 200-300 people a week. 99% leave with full bellies, big smiles and stars in their eyes. Sorry Mr. McNair.

Kim Nicoli

The Calibogue Cruises' guided tour of historic Daufuskie Island was a great time from start to finish. This article was right when it said it will be the highlight of your vacation. When asked what we had been doing, we found ourselves telling everyone from Savannah to St. Simons Island about Calibogue Cruises and that they should give it a go. Our tour started with a scenic ferry ride from Hilton Head to Daufuskie and included a delicious Low Country buffet at the Old Daufuskie Crab Company. Treat yourself and order the deviled crab. The guided historic bus tour was fabulous. Our guide was Wick Scurry and his affection and respect for Daufuskie Island, her people and their history was contagious. The tour ended at the Freeport Marina General Store where we visited with Roger Pinckney and picked up a copy of his latest book. What a fun read! I look forward to visiting Daufuskie Island again. Thanks for the great time!

candie blunt

Roger was fantastic. The Island is so beautiful. In this busy world it is often hard to find a place for the soul to rest. Daufuskie Island is it. And they aren't trying to bottle it up and sell it. It just is- perfect!

Steve Eventcaddie

These golf carts are really helpful for tourists especially the elderly ones. I once brought along my mother in one of our family trips and it really becomes easier and more enjoyable for all if resorts got these services available.


wow, this is gorgeous!i have found some rllaey, rllaey mediocre rooms on RMS that are ranked super high. i think a lot of people are a little freaked out by rllaey beautiful high-end rooms. they don't see all the subtle beauty that someone with a more trained eye sees. when they see a room like this, they are thinking: "why isn't there more color? i would have rllaey liked to see a floral pillow on those chairs...and a thomas kincade painting would have looked great on that big wall...and those light fixtures look like they belong on a boat, and they totally don't match that thing hanging over the island! yuck!"they are so used to seeing displays in their local furniture store and watching cheesy decorating shows,--and that is their experience with interior design. anything that branches away from what they have seen, (and are used to...) freaks them out a little.about 2 years ago, i actually uploaded the powder room from house #5, and had people tell me that it could have been improved if the gold frames i had in the space MATCHED the faucet. ei-yi-yi.sorry for the rambling. as you can see, i have some issues with rms.:)


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